Solstice Digital and El Sol Studios present the Wheel of XII Productions Group, which consists of XII SIGNS, Red Eye Astrology and Starwavez: Cosmic Ocean.

We are committed to bringing you the best in content that is entertaining and educational. Not to mention enthralling and engaging! There, we just did! 😉

Seriously, though, we mean serious business. Levity welcome. These are serious times we are living in but a good sense of humor, a wide grinned smile and an open mind have all been the keys to happiness in life. Don’t get locked into some negative thought pattern that affects the outcome of important things in your life. Think the best, prepare for the worse, and the universe will often surprise you with its marvelous serendipity and randomness! Just keep an open mind and be open to receiving the wisdom and the guidance from the Divine power of the universe! Spiritual cause-and-effect is very real!


Stay Bright! Stay Humble. Stay Helpful. Stay Loving. For we all shine on…



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