Founded in 2012, the Mind’s Eye Media Outlet (Memo) is a proud Native American-owned business and is a media research, marketing, advertising, public relations and content creation company. I guess you can say we’re a one-stop shop. Our aim is to make a difference. We specialize in thought-provoking publishing and mind-expanding content. So, what is Memo? We’re all about writing things down.
Even when we do use a computer (which is very often) to create or edit documents, we still like to print things out, take out our big red pen (or any color pen) and make edits by hand. It just feels organic and it feels as if we have a connection to the material that we’re working on or trying to create. It’s a process that brings us closer to the work and makes us feel a connection to the project at hand. Quite literally!
“Get the Memo?” is not just a question; it’s research and application. We make sense of research and apply it in useful, practical ways.
Memo observes and notes trends in the collective consciousness. We do it by keeping tabs on pop culture, current events, entertainment, media and the world of sports.
All of our ideas start with pen on paper. We’re research enthusiasts and naturally curious people. Research is art and presentation is key. That just sounds nice. It’s also true, though.
We’ve set out to try to make a difference. We don’t do it by hiding under a rock; we do it by shining a light on all that’s good. After all, good actions deserve good mention!
We’re strong proponents of penmanship. We encourage you to write stuff down.
All humans possess the keen ability to draw diagrams and imagery that we can use to jog the memory. Notes will always be on paper, one would assume. The mind’s eye is our ability as human beings to visualize things and to live vicariously through others. Everything starts with a vision.
There’s something magically affirming about writing things down. Every doodle, every musing, every emotion, every thought and every action begins in the mind’s eye and it all finds expression in myriad ways.
There’s also something cathartic and artistic about handwriting. When you write it down, you challenge yourself to manifest your vision.
In fact, writing things down can you allow for positive affirmation and for the fulfillment of those daring dreams and outlandish ideas that are worth being spelled out. It’s called the Law of Attraction. Harness it today & everyday.
We’ve found that writing things down induces a productive thought process. We call ourselves “Memo” because all of our ideas start in written form on our memo pad. Memo encourages you to demonstrate the awesome power of the mind.
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