It’s time to make a difference. We challenge ourselves and each other to do or at least attempt to do great things. What defines “great things?,” you ask. Well, it’s usually something good or nice or benevolent that we do for others. When we step outside of ourselves and walk in someone else’s shoes and live vicariously through them, whatever their situation, great empathy can ensue. Sure, we’ve all got problems and my problems are not your problems and vice versa but let’s not be crabs in a barrel. Let’s help each other climb out of any challenging situation or nagging problem. Problems were meant to be solved.
Each day we inspire you to keep a diary or journal and write at least one thing that you do for someone else that is nice, kind and genuine. Be naturally giving and be you.
The Make a Difference Initiative is a challenge in kindness. It costs nothing and it requires absolutely no money. Kindness is a universal gift of compassion that anyone and everyone can afford to give. Give it in spades!


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