Is your place a dump in need of a makeover? Does your branding keep missing the mark? Want to increase your positive reviews to bring in even more guests and build a continued loyalty among them? We can help! Ask us how
we’ll help you freshen up your hospitality branding!


PillowMint’s Score/tel Hospitality Solutions can help!

We help your hospitality business to grow its positive reviews, present your hotel or motel in the best possible light and boost brand loyalty among your guests. We help you to woo prospective guests by presenting your hotel or motel brand in a way that’s compelling, endearing and welcoming.

We help new properties with signage, review engagement and establishing loyalty among guests. We’ve been known to use research and knowledge of the market area to tailor reviews and sell your hotel and its amenities even when responding to reviews on the OTAs or on Google.

The power of word-of-mouth advertising cannot be overstated. The best way to grow and promote your business is to make each guest a brand ambassador. By giving them the best possible hospitality experience and by making each and every guest feel like they are the most important, you will yield brand loyalty and a good, healthy dose of word-of-mouth advertising



We “score” your establishment to determine the level of improvement and how best to implement changes and we’ll put in our best efforts to bump up your score to achieve new heights of excellence, and revenue management boosts that can lead to greater returns on your investment.







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About us



We play our cards right!

The founder of PillowMint has experience gleaned from time spent toiling away as Manager-on-duty at a small, century-old, Euro style, techno-savvy mom-and-pop boutique hotel in the East Village Arts District in Long Beach, Calif. on the West Coast to the lights of the big city on the East Coast in New York City at Atelier Ace and its groundbreaking, era-defining Ace Hotel lifestyle brand. Ace Hotel has been often imitated since its inception in 1999, but has never been fully duplicated. Arts, design and hospitality go hand-in-hand at Ace.

From making every guest feel like a friend of the hotel, you can encourage and foster a level of personal service that keeps them coming back and feeling like they are truly at their home away from home. Word-of-mouth advertising coupled with advertising through newer social media means are the keys to unlocking growth and future potential for your property or property group. No matter if you are an independent operator and/or operating under the banner of a large hotel chain or property management group, we can help! There is a recent trend towards technology based and app-driven hospitality that de-emphasizes the human touch. This was largely brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and has been facilitated by advances in technology. Will it last? Sure! Will it replace the face-to-face level of first-hand service? Nope! For all things, there should be a fine balance. Technology and humanity can combine to make stellar hospitality experiences for guests! Inflation has made technology-based hospitality very attractive for hotel owners as it can boost profits in the short term. What does it do in the long term? We shall see! For hotels with limited service and very little or no F&B or events meeting space, it could work.

PillowMint has no involvement with and is not owned, operated, and is in no way affiliated with Ace Hotel Group and Atelier Ace. This is an independent consulting company with deep (former) industry ties. Give us a try! Reach out. You might be glad you did! The minty freshness of our ideas can help put your hotel on the map!

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