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So, what is Memo? We’re all about writing things down. Even when we do use a computer (which is very often) to create or edit documents, we still like to print things out, take out our big red pen (or any color pen) and make edits by hand. It just feels organic and it feels as if we have a connection to the material that we’re working on or trying to create. It’s a process that brings us closer to the work and makes us feel a connection to the project at hand. Quite literally!

Marilyn Monroe & James Dean: the Epitome of Icon Status

SHE’S A SYMBOL OF DUALITY PERSONIFIED: The Geminian glamour and contradictory nature of the legendary Marilyn Monroe are equally endearing and enduring. Image is immortal. It can last forever with the right research, presentation and appeal.


REBEL WITH A COSMIC CAUSE: We celebrate real rebels and mold breakers for the bad asses that they are and were. Steve Jobs was never afraid to shake up the apple cart in revolutionizing consumer electronics. James Dean is an icon for rebellion and being different. Don’t conform. Transform.
I was meandering around Hollywood Blvd. the other night after work and something caught my eye. There’s a McDonald’s restaurant undergoing renovations in a heavily trafficked area on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s right in front of a bus stop. Who takes the bus in L.A., right? Well, I do sometimes when I’m sick of driving. Being on mass transit makes me imagine what it’s like to be a New Yorker. Well, that’s not what intrigued me. What amused me was how many tourists and locals alike would stop at a certain star right in front of that McDonald’s to swoon and have their picture taken with the star of this one Hollywood famous person.
The star belonged to none other than Marilyn Monroe. More than five decades since her untimely death, the legendary actress is undoubtedly still an iconic figure. It was a marvelous thing to behold as person after person, women, men and even children, would stop, gasp and gaze at the sight of Marilyn Monroe’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It proved to me that image can certainly be immortal. What do you want your image to say about your person, product, brand, service or message? Memo Ad Agency is all about writing things down. It helps us think. There’s something magical that happens when pen or pencil meets paper; it just can’t be replicated by texting or typing. We use our noteworthy research methods to present your business, brand or service in the best possible light. Just what is noteworthy research? It’s simply stuff worth nothing. 
We encourage you to ask the important questions; forget about thinking outside of the proverbial box, think outside of this world! You’ll get the best ideas when you search the galaxy for the concepts that have true universal appeal. The answers we help you find can be astounding. We will point you in the right direction creatively and strategically. Our inspiration springs forth from the collective consciousness.
When you tap in, you tune in. It’s as simple as that. When you tap into the constant, stream of social media, data, involvement, engagement and influence, the tide can take you on a multitude of directions. You’ve got to the have the savvy, the data and the sophistication to be able to captivate and woo your audience. Go after your target consumer base and make your message stand out brilliantly in a crowded media and consumer market landscape.
What better to sprinkle on land than water? Make your ideas sprout with a little bit of both! The watery inspiration that springs from creativity and the earthly structure that comes from practical application are sure ways to turn your concepts into tall oak trees of success.  Memo Ad Agency can help.
We can help make your message relevant and appealing to your target audience. In order to capture and hold the attention of those to seek to engage, your image and branding must be catchy, universal in appeal and original in approach. Stick out from the crowd by being unique. Transform the marketplace without simply conforming to it.
The creative director and chief researcher of the Memo Ad Agency has experience working in market research, audience measurement and digital product fulfillment at some of the biggest and brightest names in entertainment: Fox Broadcasting Co., CBS Television, Sony Pictures, Disney-ABC Cable Networks, NFL Network and Paramount Pictures.
Big data is all the rage these days — you hear about it everywhere. Just what is it? It’s everything. Information is currency in the social media realm. In these days of digital, you have to think like, act like, feel like and BE the very audience you seek to engage and ultimately enthrall. Awareness is empowerment in the present age of digital, mobile, social media and sharing.
What makes social media so special is that it allows us to share morsels of our lives, likenesses, likes and dislikes with other people in a way that bridges the gap across all cultural and geographical barriers. It blends all of humanity in a perpetual state of connectivity akin to the collective consciousness in a way, but in a less utopic, pie-in-the-sky sense of the term. No hippie talk! Okay, maybe a little.
We live in a world of infinite possibility where our thoughts are allowed to roam free and flow as do the lakes, rivers, streams and oceans of the world. Data flows as water does. We tap into data and create a well of possibilities.
We make sense of data and disseminate it in a way that makes it easy to comprehend, project and apply. We’ll give your brand, image and data meaning, purpose and direction. We can make it sing, dance and do cartwheels. Research comes in the form of info graphics, one-sheets, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and so on. When you have the right research, the sky is the limit as to how far and wide you can take your brand, business or image.
We offer character voice over and commercial and video game voice over services

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The art of research is what enables us to paint a picture of your brand, image or presence in a way that is stellar, outstanding and conducive to greater retention. Go on. Try us! We dare you. Contact us for a Memo Ad Agency Client Prospect Kit. At Memo, research meets refinement to make things stellar. The Memo Ad Agency is thorough research, thought-provoking publishing, intriguing content and good publicity. Intelligence, perception and proper execution are keys to understanding your audience and targeting them with compelling messages and engaging, inspiring content.
Make the “memo difference” for your brand, product or service. Choose Memo Agency and let us represent your company, brand, product or service! Get the Memo? We Get Results!


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