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New Client Sign Up

Get the Memo Agency Consultancy Services

We specialize in media planning, traditional advertising, website conversion optimization, search engine optimization, content marketing and more.

We also offer content planning, competitor research, content audit and content writing.

Our content marketing and SEO services will give your business the competitive edge and will make it stand out in a cluttered, oversaturated marketplace. We do social media marketing, email marketing, web development and other services.

We offer Memo full, casual and sample levels of service. We specialize in Advertising, Copywriting, Research, Marketing and Public Relations. All transactions are processed securely by Stripe and we do not sell or save your information. Any questions? You can send us a message on our Contact Form

You may cancel at any time and we do not sell any information. We also accept Cash app and Venmo. Email us to use these methods. 


Memo Agency Client Retainer — $850 down, $400 each month thereafter until the end of retainer agreement

We will send you a retainer agreement and ask what your business goals are for success. You will have access to our full-service advertising and digital marketing agency. We will guide you to the best courses of action to take to reach the pinnacle of your industry. Research is essential and presentation is always key. We will help your business, product, brand, service or professional image shine as brightly as possible and make it stand out uniquely in a crowded media and consumer market landscape! Retainer durations – 3 months, 6 months, 12 months


Memo Agency Project Client — $400 down, $200 a month thereafter until cancelled

You’ll have direct access to our research, marketing, public relations and content creation consultancy services. You could feel free to ask us anything or submit up to five issues every month for us to work on for you. We’ll give you an answer for each and a game plan you can execute to achieve the best results. Unlimited follow ups and do overs until we get it right, which we hope we do the first time! We’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work to present your product, service, brand or nonprofit in the best possible light. Get the Memo? You are awesome and what you do should be celebrated, appreciated, shared and enjoyed! Cancel at any time. No strings!

Memo Agency Sample Client (Ad-hoc) — $100 down, $60 per month thereafter until cancelled

With this service, you could come to us with one gig a month. We specialize in research, marketing, public relations and content creation. We can advise you on the particulars as well as the broad overview of your business, product or service. We’ll supply you with good, useful information backed by research and examples. We could also suggest the best courses of action to take in pursuit of your company, product or service goals. Cancel at any time. No strings!


Level Price  
Memo Agency Client Retainer $850.00 now and then $400.00 per Month. Select
Memo Agency Project Client $400.00 now and then $200.00 per Month. Select
Memo Agency Ad-hoc Client $100.00 now and then $60.00 per Month. Select

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