MEMO: Question art that depicts gratuitous violence?

I don’t know how anyone could hurt a little kid. The horrible shooting tragedy in Connecticut begs the question: are we as consumers victims of our own programming? We watch violence in movies and we play violence in video games. Why are we surprised when we see real life imitate what passes off as art? It’s just sad. :'( We’re capable of so much more than that. Is it simply a case of “hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil?” We know that a world of idyllic innocence is not possible but let’s try to tone down the amount of smut and violence that is being fed to impressionable young people.

Aggression is simply inverted fear. This character was psycho and he was afraid of being locked up in the loony bin for it so he decided to make a horrible statement by acting out his aggressions on these innocent little kids. Tragically senseless and sad. Click on CNN for a great article: