VOTE DEMOCRAT in November!

We usually don’t take a stand in politics but current events compel us to speak out. We endorse the Democratic party’s platform and agenda. The bungling bafoonery of the Republican party is palpable under the auspices of probably the worst president in U.S. history, Donald Trump. It is not enough, however, simply to eject this

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So long, Reeg

Iconic television presenter Regis Philbin has died at 88. Mr. Philbin is one of the best-known talents to ever grace television. He logged more than 16,000 hours on TV. He was the quintessential Virgo, hard working, unassuming, graceful and charming. His unmistakable New York accent endeared him to many. A child of the Bronx, Regis

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Viva la Resistance!

In his role as U.S. president, Donald Trump has been kicking ass and taking names. He’s become a lightning rod for controversy and is the quintessential equal opportunity offender. His policies have riveted the nation and his decisions have rocked this country to its core. Internationally, America has been a wild card because of Trump’s

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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! There’s no doubt about it, 2016 was a real humdinger of a year that changed everything and anything that wasn’t nailed down. We enter 2017 with a hopeful yet cautiously optimistic spirit. One thing’s for certain: each year brings its own set of changes. Here’s wishing us all a healthy, happy, prosperous

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