America, put down your swords (and guns) and turn them into plowshares

America has a terrible gun problem. Perhaps it stems from the “rootin, tootin, Cowboy machismo” of the spaghetti Westerns. Whatever the case, it needs to stop. America is a violent country whose populace is growing increasingly frustrated. Case in point: the rise of Bernie Sanders and to a lesser extent, Donald Trump. Both of these candidates speak to the disenfranchised who are sick and tired of business as usual in the bloody states.

Hillary is getting ready to enact stricter gun control laws when she becomes president. It’s not quite a foregone conclusion, of course, but it sure seems that way. I just had a conversation about this with someone the other day. Taking guns away from law-abiding, God-fearing citizens might not be the answer. The solution is to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people and those who are mentally unsound. Trouble is, we often don’t know they are nuts until after they use guns to kill people. It’s a catch 22. Yes, we know that’s a cheap gun known as the Saturday Night Special. Pun intended.