MEMO: Choose kindness over cruelty
MEMO: Choose kindness over cruelty

MEMO: Choose kindness over cruelty

Negativity has permeated pop culture. You hear it in what passes off as music these days and you see it in just about every aspect and facet of the media.

Is it creating a soceity of selfish, vengeful, malicious people? It sure seems that way. Don’t be a part of the problem of cruelty. Choose kindness every time. Pass it on!

That’s why Get the MEMO? is the media of good.

We often wonder why the mainstream media seems to be full of liars. Each of the media conglomerates is owned by a corporation. Every publicly-traded company has a vested interest in its stick price and in maintaining the status quo.

These businesses are not about to let the real truth interfere with their business interests. That’s why we never hear about the crooks on Wall Street and that’s why there’s never any follow-up. The game is rigged and we’re on the wrong side of the tracks. Main Street doesn’t stand a chance when Wall Street is pulling all the purse strings.

“What the world needs now is love sweet love”

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