MEMO: Pride & Ignorance = Chaos & Disorder. Humility & Awareness = Peace & Love. Any questions?

Look around. Has chaos and disorder overtaken society? Pride and ignorance seem to be in overabundance these days. Two things that are obviously lacking are humility and awareness. Is it in style to be oblivious and apathetic to the world around you? Smh.

I had a conversation with my friend Mary the other night and she made an interesting point: when religion was taken out of public schools it opened the floodgates for poison to rot young minds. Now this isn’t to say that we have to raise a nation of bible-thumping holy rollers. Not even! “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

It just proves a valid point: when religion spawned spirituality among the young it created a citizenry that was aware, considerate and compassionate. Now what do we have? Are the minds of the youth rotted by a money-driven media hellbent on the corruption of society, no matter the cost? Has this created a populace of prideful, arrogant, narcissistic people? Is this now a ME-driven society? Are the chemicals that they put in the food supply partly to blame for robbing young people of their innocence? Perhaps.

The U.S. government has long since sold us out to the corporations, which is their source of money. What is money, anyway? Well, all it is is a license of use, pilfer and hoard the resources of Mother Earth. It happens to be paper. If it were oranges that were deemed as currency, people would be hoarding oranges.

It seems as if kids are growing up way too fast. What’s the solution to the problems of the world these days? Well, that’s easy to me. Here are the simple solutions, in no particular order: GENEROSITY, HUMILITY, COMPASSION, GRACE AND LOVE.