MEMO: What’s the answer to the world’s economic problems? Easy. Let’s be like Earth.

The pervasiveness of unchecked, selfish greed is what’s ailing the world’s economy. Perhaps we should all mimic the giving, generous quality of mother Earth and GIVE for the greater good without excessive obsession for our own personal benefit. If we do this, things can turn around almost immediately. If we do not, things may continue to spiral out of control. The choice is ours as a global community. “Me-ism” is out. “We-ism” is in. Greed is ultimately a byproduct of fear (the fear of going without or not having enough) and to quote FDR — “the only thing we have to fear is fear (and greed) itself.”


We must wake ourselves up from the slumber of complacency and do something wonderful for the greater good. As Mr. Spock from Star Trek fame is noted for saying: “The good of the many outweighs the good of the few … or the one.” We all have a common interest to protect our karma. Love in the form of generosity can help heal the world’s economy. Love is the antidote for poisonous greed.