MEMO: What’s your Muse?

We all have a muse. Some of us sing, some like to dance, others enjoy writing. Artistic people paint, draw and sketch while others practice art through cooking, knitting or conversing, even driving. Is driving an art form? Sure it is. Some people are good artists while others are lousy. The friendly, careful, considerate drivers are the best at the driving arts.

No matter what your creative muse is we all have one. It could be fishing, rock climbing, football or fencing. Perhaps it’s learning to speak foreign languages or maybe it’s gardening, whistling, bike riding or running.

Whatever yours is, do it well.

My earliest recollection of what it means to have a muse came first came to me in the 5th grade. My GATE class teacher was named Ms. Carol Muse. She invited us to use our imaginations by reading, writing and dreaming. I had her for two years, for both the 5th and 6th grades at Mark Twain Elementary School, where the principal was a nice lady named Ms. Coffey. (You couldn’t make these names up!) I’ll never forget what a fine educator Ms.Muse was to her eager pupils. She even had her husband come address us on Career Day. He was an advertising executive for Honda Motor Co. Ms. Muse taught us how to take journeys of the mind and she dared us to dream big and accomplish bigger than we had ever hoped or imagined. She’s now principal of JFK Elementary in Orange County, California. MEMO salutes Ms. Carol Muse for her excellence in the art of education.