MEMO: Who?
MEMO: Who?

MEMO: Who?

There’s something magically affirming about writing things down on a memo pad. Every doodle, every musing, every emotion, every thought and every action begins in the mind’s eye and it all finds expression in myriad ways. There’s something cathartic and artistic about handwriting. The universe reads. When you write things down, you allow for positive affirmation and the fulfillment of those daring dreams and outlandish ideas that are worth being spelled out.

It’s the Law of Attraction. Harness it today & everyday.

We call ourselves MEMO because that’s where all of our ideas come from.

MEMO is linear/digital/social media and creative marketing. MEMO can make certain that your target audience gets your message loudly, clearly, creatively and effectively. Get the MEMO?

The Chairman loves kids

MEMO: Life is beautifully random — it’s a mixture of that what happens on purpose and that what happens MEMOrandomly.

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